A reflection of migration, liberation and integration - Walls of Benin defines the space between native and occidental. 
Normally, walls divide, but not in this case - Walls of Benin is the fortress of a global Kingdom under one flag. 


Made in Portugal and East Africa - the brand rests on 3 key pillars:  

Cultural Capital 
Common Wealth






Pyjamas or Pajamas, known as moguls breeches in 19th century England, are often thought to be as English as Earl Grey Tea. The word and garment actually derive from Hindustani and Persian languages. Adopted by the English upper classes during the Raj - Pjs were exported back to England, and around the world via the vast British Empire. 
Pjs are a symbol of the sharing of cultures and the global village that we live in, where ideas and people are free to inspire all. 




(Mayor of Porto Dr Rui Moreira - Portugal Fashion Autumn 2017)


Founded in 2015, by Manchester born British-Cameroonian, CK. Atanga, the brand is a love letter to his African heritage.
The name itself, reflects a Janus like perspective, looking back on the sophisticated pre-colonial Kingdoms of West Africa, whilst looking forward, toward the new African renaissance, influenced by close relations with the former colonial powers. 
After inception, the brand was selected for 'Creative Startups' a US based accelerator for creative companies with global potential. Following this, the company secured finance from the Portuguese government. 
Through the brand, CK. is on a mission to build a truly global Made in Africa trademark, not only ethical, but also providing a premium - and quite frankly - sexy brand experience.